Helping Children Transition from One House to Another

by Bartholomew & Wasznicky on January 18, 2012

Children and parents alike need time to get used to transitioning children from one house to the other. Children need to be encouraged to go to the other parent’s home and they should feel safe in both houses.  In order to make the transition easier here are some suggestions for what children should have at both houses:

  • a space of their own in each house (a bedroom or a place where they can do homework or just be alone)
  • toys at both houses
  • clothes and a place to keep them at both houses, and
  • children should feel comfortable having friends at both houses

While it is common for children to feel more at home in one place than another, especially if one parent remains in the marital homestead and the other parent gets a new residence, parents should do everything they can to make a child feel that each home is equally his/hers.

Getting Legal Help

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